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Holding funerals is a process that can take much time and often this nuance allows family or friends to pay attention to the VIP caskets made from finewood and varnish of highest quality. We offer high quality goods and merchandise at the best price in town. We make caskets of different kinds of wood, allowing each client to choose the most optimal design.

We offer the following kinds of VIP caskets:

  • Elite caskets made of finewood;
  • Polished wooden caskets;
  • Polished caskets varnish.

Buy a VIP casket in Kiev

Clients may have their own designs of a funeral casket so that we can make a casket to order using our materials. We offer the most optimal terms of manufacture, as well as individual approach to each client. We produce single or double caskets, caskets for children with non-standard shapes or sizes. In each case, we work with responsibility, experience and maximum professionalism.

To select and order VIP casket, see our portfolio at the site or visit our funeral shop, we have everything in stock. Also you can choose delivery in Kiev or Ukraine as well as in CIS countries. Our funeral home makes delivery in any place in Europe or USA. In our exhibit room we have more than 30 examples made of different kinds of wood at different price from 10,000 to 100,000 UAH.