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Today, our funeral home offers funeral wreaths of artificial and fresh flowers in Kiev on the most optimal conditions. Our goods are always remarkable with fresh flowers, as well as lightweight and durable frame. If you choose artificial flowers only quality materials and accessories are selected.

Also the list of merchandise we offer include funeral wreaths made of natural pine needles, which are in great demand in recent years. We are ready to make exclusive wreaths at the request of our clients from the pine needles and natural flowers at the lowest price in Kiev.

Purchase ritual floristry with delivery

A special offer from our company is delivery of purchased goods to your place. Moreover, purchasing funeral wreaths and other merchandise at our store, you get a unique opportunity to save not only at the cost of production, but also at its delivery to a certain place.

We have everything that you may need during the burial and our funeral agent can watch the funeral procession and burial from the very beginning till the end of memorial service.