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Our funeral home offers Elite caskets for sale, which are available at our storage in different districts of Kiev. You can buy ready-made products on day of order, without spending time on the order of the casket or waiting for delivery from another district. We have available caskets from different types of wood, ready or empty for decoration on client’s request. We can offer a wide range of textiles for decoration of the casket to suit your taste.

It should be noted that at our funeral home WE have caskets available from various types of wood to choose from, and you can choose the one that suits you, to choose interior and exterior decoration is also possible. For different occasions we have different caskets: for children and adults, double and nonstandard size. That is why, when going to a special office to order a casket, you should know the important nuances: the height of the deceased, as well as other features of the structure of his corpse, which may affect the way he will lie in a casket.

You can choose the Elite caskets of different shapes: octagon, hexagon or traditional in the form of a deck. A selection of funeral merchandise is widely represented by the type of casket lids: hinged, removable or double. If necessary, our staff will deliver the chosen goods direct to the place. You only need to agree the necessary details and make an order. The pricing of the ready available caskets is formed depending on the type of wood, textile of interior and exterior decoration of the casket and the presence of handles.

In addition to the Elite caskets, you can purchase the crosses on the graves.