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Grave careFate changes the life of almost every person and it may happen that you live very far from the place of birth. Often in your native land there are only the graves of relatives or loved ones and no one to look after them. Our funeral home offers funeral services for the grave care in Kiev and Kiev region on the most optimal conditions.

Funeral home “Rest” offers grave care in Kiev

We can not only provide full and constant control over the grave and the territory, but at the client’s request for a specific anniversary install a special monument or sculpture chosen in advance. We will perform all the necessary work without the presence of the client and, if necessary, give documentary evidence of the work.

What kind of work includes the service of grave care:

  • Improvement and upgrading of graves;
  • Care of monuments and sculptures, the renovation after the winter period;
  • Care of the greenery at the grave, cutting trees, care for flowers and plants;
  • Order and improvement of the area with paving slabs, fences and other grave goods.

Trusting care of the graves to our experts, you can be sure that wherever the grave is it will always be tidy. To order the service of grave care please visit our office to discuss all the nuances and make a contract.


  • After a long winter, almost all graves, monuments or sculptures should be renovated and rearranged, also some planting and cleaning should be done.

Due to hyperemployment or absence in the city not all relatives can devote time to this and that's why we offer our services of grave care at the appropriate level. So that the client would be convinced that care of the graves is carried out strictly according to the plan and the grave is always in good condition, we will provide documentary support in the form of photographs of the graves at first request.