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Professional funeral services allow to take into account all important moments of organizing and holding the funeral at the proper level. The choice of funeral home in Kiev will significantly influence the course of the funeral, burial and funeral receptions on funeral day, on 9 and 40 days. That is why, if you are faced with choosing an appropriate organization that would deal with all the necessary moments of the funeral, the funeral reception, as well as grave arrangement, we offer to pay attention to our funeral home.

Today, we offer a full range of funeral services in Kiev, that may be relevant for the funeral of the deceased of all faiths and with different views on life. It is a professional approach to organizing and holding the funeral procession that allows relatives and friends not to be distracted by trivia, not to go around the city in search of the necessary funeral merchandise and avoid nerve-racking at the morgue.

The list of services of our funeral home:

  • Discussion and choice of place for burialwith the cemetery representatives and the client;
  • Legal paperwork, if it is necessary;
  • Funeral transportfor the people who want to say last goodbye to the deceased at the cemetery and to the place of the funeral reception;
  • A hearseor other vehicle for the transportation of the deceased;
  • Discussion and choice of the place for the memorial;
  • Selection of all funeral merchandiseand installation at the grave in specified period of time.

Professionalism of our staff allows them to carry all the funeral arrangements and you don’t have to organize everything on your own. We are ready to solve any problem related to the paperwork and selection of necessary funeral merchandise and accessories. We will take care of suitable transport and discuss the details of the funeral menu together with the administrators of the restaurant or canteen that you have chosen.

Funeral services in Kiev are in high demand in today's society since the solution of various issues and such serious processions require knowledge of the specifics of the funeral and the search and choice of the place at the cemetery, communication with state authorities, as well the organization of right funeral according to religion of the deceased.

We are ready to provide high-quality funeral services at the best value.