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Buy exclusive sarcophagi in Kiev

All the sarcophagi you find at our site we have in stock. At our funeral shop you can buy any sarcophagus chosen at our site or just visit us, also we offer free delivery in Kiev at any address you need. Our funeral home makes delivery to any place in Europe or USA as well as in the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries.

When making exclusive sarcophagi, the manufacturer above all is focused on the elaboration of separate elements: incrustation, colour and quality of finishing, that are able to make out of the sarcophagus the article of true luxury and make the funerals of particular significance. The sarcophagi satisfies the highest requirements of their clients as for their manufacturing finewood, Swarovski crystals and expensive fabrics are used. All these components make sarcophagi beyond the example.

In our exhibit room we have the most famous European and Ukrainian trademarks. We can offer a sarcophagus according to your requirements and standards at price from 30,000 to 500,000 UAH.