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Funeral home "Rest" in Kiev offers a full range of funeral services:

  • • Service request of a funeral agent with whom you can discuss all important organizational issues and holding of funerals, order at home all necessary services, sign a contract for service and support.
  • • Transportation of the deceasedto cold storage, morgue or crematorium.
  • • Human corpses storage services from twenty-four hours to several weeks.
  • • Legal paperwork includes the collection of all necessary permits and licenses.
  • • Funeral merchandise that may be required for the process of funeral according to the customs and religion.
  • • Transportation of the deceased to the cemetery in a hearse, and everyone who wants to say last goodbye to him - on a comfortable bus.
  • • Funeral reception in a restaurant, cafe or canteen at option in all districts of Kiev.
  • • Transportation of Human Remains (HR). Freight transportation.
  • • Assist in the selection and installation of monuments at the cemetery.
  • • Professional services for the care of the grave at a time when relatives and friends cannot take care of it.

Funeral home

Our funeral home "Rest" will take care of absolutely all nuances that can the course of the funeral and the following memorial days. Funeral agents of the company will agree the funeral menu, take care of the choice of meatless dishes if necessary, agree on music and the number of seats in the hall. The place of the funeral reception will be selected in accordance with the needs of the client and in the most convenient place.

Also the list of our services includes a wide range of monuments and sculptures to be installed on a grave. If necessary, we will deliver the gravegoods to the cemetery on our own transport and professionally install it.

We work through the holidays.