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INTERNATIONAL REPATRIATION OF THE DECEASEDFuneral home "Rest" cooperates with many funeral agencies of different countries, providing high quality and well-timed repatriation services across the globe. We have built strong relationships with carriers, airline companies, government institutions, which are involved in process of negotiating and document execution for transportation of the deceased, and other funeral agencies across the globe. Thus our services run smoothly and in a cost efficient manner. Our funeral service provides proper care for feelings and emotions of deceased`s nearest and dearest.

Worldwide transportation of the deceased

We have long-term experience in international transportation of the deceased (human remains 200) or human remains. We offer transportation of the deceased, provide consultations and information, and ready to answer all the questions. We overcome bureaucratic delays and deal with administrative or legal and even logistical issues. Our staff is sensitive to all religions, ideologies, nationalities of the deceased as well as is multilingual and familiar with culturology of each country, thus we can find common language with every client.


Funeral home "Rest" has specially fitted vehicles and we employ only skilled staff, also we have reliable partners and relations all over the world. All our vehicles are equipped with refrigerating system; that ensure all the remains reach their destination preserved. We pride ourselves on being a company with a global reach and provide means for offering different ways of transportations of the deceased, such as quick and cost efficient door to door transportation of the deceased by road, organize repatriation by air or repatriation of cremated remains to anywhere in the world. More often we advise repatriation by road. This allows for a speedy and less expensive repatriation process in comparison with air repatriation. This also allows us to transport your loved ones directly to any location of your choosing. Almost always our clients come to us after deciding the way of transportation. However, there are cases when our expert assistance helps them finally to take the decision.


To avoid challenges and make repatriation process fast we advise you to pay attention to our services. We will take care of everything to be done at the proper level and the deceased or the remains to be delivered without any challenge in time. Should you have any questions or want to order repatriation, please, do not hesitate to contact us.