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Funeral transportPracticality and universalism of funeral transport of our company allows us to transport the caskets of all sizes, that’s why you don’t need to search for buses or hearses with non-standard size. Our funeral service offers transportation of the casket with the deceased on a specially equipped vehicles to fix the casket on board of the vehicle.

Order a hearse in Kiev

Funeral transport of our company is equipped with all necessary equipment for proper and reliable fixation of the casket, as well as the convenience of people accompanying the deceased. We have thought through every detail, and even the interior of the car reminds of the tragic and irreversible moment.

Our funeral transport is:

  • Reliability;
  • Universalism and practicality;
  • Cross country on any road;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Special equipment with everything you need.

We hire only experienced drivers who know perfectly routes of the city roads, as well as the location of all the cemeteries and can avoid a traffic jam. If necessary, they also will drive outside the city - in any region of Ukraine.

We suggest you to pay attention to the additional services of our company: to date there are no unsolvable problems for our specialists. We offer a wide range of funeral services, which include all the funeral process including installation of the monument on the grave of the deceased.

You can order funeral transport in Kiev individually in advance, or order a full range of funeral services at our company.