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Pet burialDeath of a beloved animal for every person is like a death of the closest person. Animals in the family are like the members of the family, they are loved and taken care of, so when they die people want to bury them properly, with all the honors. In this case, it is necessary to look for a special cemetery, prepare necessary documents, order monuments and take care of the graves in the future.

Our office offers services of pet burial in Kiev, which allows you not only to bury the family pet at the cemetery for animals, but also will not cause additional problems regarding the search for a suitable place and the choice of funeral goods on the grave. We know how to bury pets to honor their memory.

Pet funeral

For pet burial we have special caskets and wreaths, and after the burial we will take care of the grave and its proper design and decoration. For each burial we offer the appropriate monument or statue, select the appropriate sign and write the important words you want to say. We also offer special monument for a pet with his picture.

Pet cemetery

We will take care of providing the place at the cemetery for pets in Kiev, as well as in the future we can provide services for the care of the grave, especially if you live far or are about to go abroad. Funeral agents of our funeral home in Kiev will hold the funeral and burial of pets according to the client’s desire.

If necessary, our experts provide services of year-round grave care, and you can absolutely not worry that in your absence it may become desolated.