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Legal servicesBurial of the deceased is not only the problems and troubles with the organization of burial, but also sometimes with necessary documents about which some relatives and friends just will not think during the funeral. Often, these documents need to be completed on the day of death but it is not a prior activity for the family who want to devote to the deceased as much time as possible.

Legal services for HR

The most difficult part in the process of completing the documents that may be required before the burial and after it for registration of death certificate can be arrived HR, which should be documented in accordance with law and the documents issued in another country also should be taken into account. And in this case, the legal services of the funeral home can come just in time. The experts of a funeral home will negotiate with customs, issue all permits and enclosed documents, as well as make the certified death certificate.

Legal services after funeral

Legal paperwork can be done after the funeral. The services of experienced lawyers for inheritance registration or accession of heritor may also be required. We offer individual approach to each client and maximum attention to each individual case. Our professionalism may be the most important factor that will allow you to get quality legal support in any situation.

Our funeral agency offers a full range of services that may be necessary in the organization of the funeral procession and burial. We also have available funeral merchandise.