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Funeral receptionOrganization of the funeral reception includes not only the order of the menu and discussion of all the important moments of ready meals, which should be included in this list. Very often it is necessary to think about many important nuances: to count the people who are going to come, to think about fasting day, select the appropriate music. Often, the client may have additional requirements for decor of the hall and it is the agent who should satisfy his request.

Funeral cafes in Kiev

Our funeral home is ready to offer a wide selection of cafes where you can order a funeral reception, not only at an acceptable cost, but also in accordance with the requirements of each individual client. Funeral cafes, restaurants or canteens can be found in any district of our city, and you have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate regarding location and conditions.

Why us to choose?

  1. Our company has a lot of partners - catering throughout the city that allows you to choose a suitable café regarding location and menu;
  2. We consider all client’s requirements for menu;
  3. We help to choose special music, and if necessary, decorate a memorial hall in accordance with the request of the client;
  4. We assist with the selection of meatless dishes if necessary.

Funeral reception in Kiev is an integral part of any process of burial.

Very often the organization on your own can be a significant problem, as important points may be missed. If you chose us to organize the funeral reception in memory of your deceased relative, loved one or just a good man, you get high quality service at the best price.